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Posted on July 6, 2023

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How this blog came to be

The idea to start this blog appeared some time after I used ChatGPT for the first time in December 2022.
I was never fond of blogs:
  • It felt like too much work, which I wish could be automated away.
  • I thought how all blogs I read from now on are probably just fabrication with incredible AI persuasion (which is probably true. You need to be wary of everything you are reading on the internet right now). I even wrote a few lines on bearblog on how I think blogging will die.
But somehow I found myself fascinated by the art of painstakingly arranging words again.
Reason: since everyone now has access to a perfect wording machine, a polished piece of writing is now mundane. This means I don’t have to try to perfect my writing anymore. I can be me!
What a relief.
Some forms of blogging will definitely die: like dishonest clickbait articles, burying one piece of info in a jungle of worthless SEO-friendly mess.
But some forms of art-like, self-expressive blogs, will probably live on.
I think blogging will be less popular, but it will become COOLER over time. Writing as work will become unnecessary, but writing as a form of mind training will be taught and sold like gym membership. Writing bros = gym bros. (I do this already with my private journals in Obsidian, and probably I will write more about this one day)

The role of AI in my blog

I sometimes find myself hating AI-generated content.
It feels like a waste of time: the writer of this piece is trying to fool me into doing something, so much that they employ the biggest companies on earth to help them.
Therefore, for my own taste, I highly restrict my use of AI in this blog into just:
  • Spell-checking
  • Intention checking
  • Logic checking
All this to make the content clear and not misleading.
Aside from that, every word in this blog will be hand crafted by me. We are entering an era of massive influx of AI generated content, I hope you find this little island of flawed human content a nice place to amuse yourself 🏝️.

Regarding AI generated images

I find AI generated images extremely useful for illustrations. Since this blog is not about photography or drawing, but about words, I will make use of AI generated images (when needed)

Ending thoughts

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I obtained this badge from
The 90% rule applies to my minimal use of AI here.
Should I add it to everything I write from now on?
  • In spirit: yes.
  • In reality: it can get redundant and distracting, so no.
And the badge doesn’t prove that a person possesses the quality in any way.
I only put my hope in my readers trusting me and what I believe in.
Send me your thoughts!

Written by Human, Not by AI
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